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The LawSeqSM team has identified resources useful to understanding genomics law, selected primarily from journals and professional society publications. This is a subset of the relevant articles for genomics law. For a more comprehensive search, use services such as Google Scholar and PubMed

As much as possible, this database provides direct access to publicly available materials; however, in some cases, copyright protections require users to access the items listed here through a library or other entity that has a licensing agreement with publishers. Ask your local library about the best way to gain access to those materials.

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  • This database contains secondary sources that explain or expand upon the laws and other primary resources in the "Federal" and "State" databases. 
  • The "Source Types" include academic articles and other resources.
  • The “Topic” field includes categories the project developers have identified as significant to genomics law.
  • Use the "Open Search" field to look for items based on the title of an article or author's name within the "Selected Secondary Sources" database.
  • When using the "Open Search" field, put quotation marks around exact titles, author names, or phrases. 
  • The "Year" field allows users to narrow results by entering a single year or a date range to search multiple years. 
  • In linking to articles and resources, preference has been given to websites available to the general public and those that include the most information. Please be aware that in several cases SSRN has been linked to; papers found there may not represent the final, published version of a work. 
  • If your search doesn’t return any results, it means there are no relevant resources that fit within the scope of the LawSeqSM project. To learn more about the project's scope and methodology, click here
  • Once the LawSeqSM project is completed, the database for secondary sources will no longer be updated because of the sheer volume of publishing in this area. The exception is secondary resources created as a direct result of the LawSeqSM  project, which will be added. In addition, project leaders are committed to updating and maintaining the state and federal primary resources. 

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